Index your pages on Google
at the speed of light

Foudroyer is a web project that indexes website pages in less than 24 hours. If it's been weeks since Google indexes your new pages, Foudroyer will solve this problem ⚡️.


Win more than 6 months

Why Foudroyer? Because in French, Foudroyer means "thunderbolt strike" and our mission is to strike search engines so that it indexes us quickly ⚡️🍒.

Free and open

Foudroyer is free. Whoever you are, Foudroyer is for you.

A lightning indexation

Foudroyer has allowed us to index hundreds of pages in less than 24 hours for several sites. Why not you?

Improvements to come

Why not also go Bing, Yandex and add other features to make life easier for SEOs?

No unnecessary data collection

Foudroyer runs on ephemeral servers. This keeps costs to a minimum. No mass data collection is done, no server logs, only bug logs.

I created Foudroyer to meet my own needs. It worked so well that I decided to offer it to you all. See you soon on the SERPs!

Kevin Marques
CTO, Sudoku Academy

Free and without registration

No newsletter or other technique to use Foudroyer

Foudroyeur for life

I lied to you, to use Foudroyer, you need at least a web site to be indexed on Google. That's the only requirement. 🙇♂️


  • Go further and faster like Usain ⚡️

  • My Twitter address 😎

  • Being part of the Foudroyeurs ⚡️

  • Keeping the family safe 💸



Are the prices too high?

Cheap and light (1.2MB)

Why are you still here?

Click on the button below, go index your pages and become a billionaire thanks to SEO! Don't hesitate to say hello when you're on top!