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Foudroyer Analytics drastically improves the understanding of your site's traffic, allowing you to take action at the right time and surge in search engine results.

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Wave goodbye to complicated dates filters. Navigate easily through time.

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Finally understand the traffic on your sites and easily identify sudden changes that are hard to spot.

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Comparison is key to learn what your users look for. It's natively integrated in our interface.

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Being indexed on multiple search engines can radically increase your traffic. We make that easy for you.
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Frequently asked questions


How do you manage to index our pages with 90% success rate?

Google, Bing and Yandex have developed optimized interfaces for submitting website pages. The aim of these interfaces is to speed up website indexing. Bing, Yandex and Naver all use the same interface, called IndexNow. Google plays it alone, preferring to develop its own interface called Web Search Indexing Api (formerly Indexing Api).


I've always heard that Google's Indexing API only indexes recruitment pages. Is this still the case?

It's true that in their documentation, they clearly expressed the fact that this API had been created solely for the purpose of quickly indexing and updating recruitment pages. Recently, however, this statement has gradually disappeared, to be replaced by a more generic interface. For example, on October 23, 2023, they summarize their API this way: "Notify Google Web Search when your pages are updated."


How quickly are my pages indexed?

On average, pages are indexed in 10h. So to keep things broad, your pages will be indexed in less than 24 hours.


How can you be sure of this figure?

Alongside page submission, we also make sure that pages are indexed. To achieve this, we use the url inspector. This is a Google API that tracks indexing status and stores any indexing errors.


How did you decide on this price?

In all transparency, we noticed that our competitors had this pricing structure. We decided to match them, while adding more features. For example, one competitor offers only 100 submitted pages per day for $29, whereas we offer 200 per day for the same price.